Tara Dorabji


Co-founder & Vice President

The Center for Cultural Power

Tara Dorabji is a daughter of migrants, writer, mother, filmmaker, and co-founder & Vice President at The Center for Cultural Power, a home for artists and activists. She was on the founding Design Team for the Constellations Culture Change Fund & Initiatives and a co-author of Building Narratives of Joy. Her creative work focuses on themes of militarization, family relationships and generational love. Her debut novel, Fire, is forthcoming from Simon and Schuster in 2025. Her publications include Al Jazeera, The Chicago Quarterly, Huizache, and acclaimed anthologies including: Good Girls Marry Doctors & All the Women in My Family Sing. She received a 2019 & 2021 Arts Commission from the San Francisco Arts Commission for her writing and documentaries on Kashmir, one of the world’s most militarized zones. Her award-winning film, Here Still, was screened at over a dozen film festivals throughout Asia and the USA, including the Jaipur International Film Festival. Awards include Asia’s Best Independent Documentary Film at the All Asia Independent Film Festival 2020 & Best Short Documentary at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. She serves on the Advisory Board for Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation. Her career is dedicated to amplifying stories that are often found at the margins. She served as the Development and Communications Director at Youth Speaks, Co-Deputy Director at Streetside Stories and Program Development Director at GreatSchools.