Conference — Day 1

Eaton DC Hotel

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The Wellness Studio is open Monday - Thursday from 8:00AM - 6:45PM, offering a lactation room, child care services, and a quiet space for meditation and wellness.

Yoga / Wellness



Welcome & Opening Storytelling / Spark Talks




Caribbean Perspectives on Climate and Shifting Disaster Narratives

Panic! How the Fear of a Few on Gender, Race, and Sex is Fueling the Erosion of Democracy Around the World

Lunch Plenary : Reimagining Leadership for Thriving Movements

Eaton DC, Planet Word

Concurrent Sessions

• The Role of Men and Boys/Masculinity in Feminist Movements
• Intersectional Data and the Power of Visibility
• The State of Birth Equity: Catalyzing Place-Based Philanthropy
• Centering Care Justice: Strengthening care policies, delivery systems, and intersectional movements
• Ascending Together - Collaborating to Achieve Gender Parity in U.S. Politics


Funding to Address the Root Causes of Gendered Violence, With and Beyond #MeToo


Eaton DC, Planet Word

Concurrent Sessions

• Making Rights Real: Cities, Counties, and Communities for CEDAW
• Reproductive Justice
• Intersectional Strategies for Radical Wealth Distribution
• How Would I Know? Evidence-Informed Feminist Policy Making Across Contexts

Cities for CEDAW Champions Awards & Dance Party feat. Be’la Dona

**Space is limited. Arrive early to secure your spot.**

The feminist joy continues as we acknowledge efforts to leverage powerful global policy in local communities. The evening will kick off with an award ceremony sponsored by Women’s Intercultural Network to honor DC-area leaders advancing the adoption of the Convention is monitored by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on a local level. The awards ceremony will be followed by more great food, music, and a special concert by Be’la Dona. Washington, D.C., is the birthplace of this all-female band. They can play any music genre, from rock, R&B, gospel, pop, jazz, and, of course, their hometown music go-go. They have been featured via interview and pictorials in numerous print, internet, and published media such as Tom Tom Magazine, The Gazette, The Washington Post, and even books such as Total Eclipse of the Heart by Zane. Be’la Dona is more than a group, it’s a movement, and once you’ve experienced it you’ll understand how the Be’la Nation continues to grow.

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