New for 2023, the Feminist Foreign Policy Convening is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both US-based and global gender justice allies to connect with government officials on the impact of policies across the globe.

Hosted by the Women’s Funding Network (WFN), in partnership with the Equality Fund, Feminist Foreign Policy Collaborative, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA), the Global Fund for Women, the Canadian Embassy, and the Ford Foundation, the Feminist Foreign Policy Convening is an opportunity to deepen ties between our global and local members and partners and make clear that whether the issue is climate justice, reproductive justice, or fixing the broken care economy, we are in this fight together.


September 12, 2023


Eaton DC Hotel
Washington, DC

Event details

The day’s activities will include a two-part Hill briefing covering feminist foreign policy and domestic policy issues, followed by afternoon workshops and plenaries that address Feminist Foreign Policy as a whole, and the role of philanthropy in support of it.

The day will wrap with an evening reception at the Eaton DC Hotel’s Wild Days, welcoming attendees from both Policy & Action events.

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Registration Options

For entry into Feminist Foreign Policy Convening, two options are available. Attendees can purchase a Policy & Action Day Pass, or a full conference pass. Member and non-member rates are available.

Refund Policy

WFN will offer a 75% refund of paid ticket cost for cancellations requested on or before August 11, 2023. Cancellation instructions in confirmation email.

Our Partners

The Equality Fund
The Equality Fund is transforming the way that resources—and power—flow into the hands of girls, women, and trans people worldwide. Designed by feminists for feminists, it is a new model for sustainably resourcing feminist movements everywhere, through global grantmaking, gender-lens investing, policy advocacy, and feminist philanthropy. Launched in 2019, the Equality Fund has committed $53 million to date and is supporting over 300 organizations working in 85 countries globally.

Feminist Foreign Policy Collaborative
The Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) Collaborative is a shared space where feminists inside and outside of government can work together to ensure feminist foreign policies are ambitious, transformative, and effectively implemented. At the root of our approach is collaboration and partnership. We encourage deep reflection, continued learning and the exchange of ideas, and aim to foster transnational solidarity within and among feminist movements. In order to inform and advance feminist foreign policies, we curate intimate convenings, provide technical assistance, and amplify the expertise of feminists around the world.

Global Fund for Women Logo

Global Fund for Women
Global Fund for Women envisions a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all. We were founded over 30 years ago to fill a critical gap in funding for local women’s rights organizations. Today, we are the leading funder of gender justice organizations, initiatives, and movements worldwide.


International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)
IWDA is an Australian-based organisation, resourcing diverse women’s rights organisations primarily in Asia and the Pacific and contributing to global feminist movements to advance our vision of gender equality for all. IWDA’s approach represents a third way between the models of women’s funds and international development NGOs: we resource the work of diverse women’s rights organisations, enable them to be more effective by providing support that goes beyond money, and we make our own contributions to feminist movements through advocacy, knowledge creation and translation.

Embassy of Canada / Ambassade du Canada
Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy recognizes that supporting gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is the best way to build a more peaceful, more inclusive and more prosperous world. To do this, it supports targeted investments, partnerships, innovation and advocacy efforts with the greatest potential to close gender gaps and improve everyone’s chance for success.

The Embassy of Canada is partnering with WFN for the evening reception. For more information, visit the schedule here.

General FAQ

If you have any questions related to Feminist Foreign Policy Convening, please contact us at

Who is welcome to attend?

While all are welcome to attend the event, but those who may be especially interested in attending include:

  • Senior and executive philanthropic professionals interested in learning more about or who support feminist foreign policy and
    who feel that general policy and action are critical for philanthropy’s investment in social change;
  • Global and US-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who want to connect and collaborate on strategy with the
    philanthropic field focused on gender-justice;
  • Government officials who are interested in leveraging their resources by deepening partnerships with the philanthropic sector
    that utilizes a gender and racial lens to invest in gender, women and girls, families, climate, economic mobility, democracy, and
    health; and
  • Students and young people who are connected with partner organizations or through our members’ Young Women Initiative.

Conference Accessibility

For Feminist Funded ’23: Rising, we strive to make our programming as welcoming and accessible as possible. Pre-recorded content will have closed captioning. Live content, such as plenaries, will have captioning available in real-time. Nursing facilities will be provided.

Child Care

We strive to make our conference accessible and create opportunities for all our members to fully participate. With this in mind, we plan to offer child care services. Please indicate your interest in this service when you register and we will share more details closer to the event date or contact us at

COVID-19 Policy

The health and safety of the WFN community, including staff and participants is important to us. We recognize the impact of COVID-19 is ongoing and the importance of communicating our approach and sharing resources to inform your decision-making around health and safety. Our approach is driven by the policies of our host country, the size and scale of our event, and the reality of vaccine inequity globally.

At this time, we are following the guidelines set out by the U.S., and local D.C. government. While we will take preventative measures – such as providing masks and access to hand sanitizer – to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are not able to guarantee that participants who choose to attend in person will not be exposed to the virus while attending the event. We strongly advise participants to take all precautions based on their health conditions and personal circumstances.

Our Sponsors

Feminist Foreign Policy Convening would not be possible without the support of our sponsors.

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