Tania E. Turner


Program Manager for Latin America

Fondation CHANEL

Previously the Executive Director of Fondo Semillas, Tania has a degree in Sociology and a Master in Political and Social Studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. She worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst at Freedom House, Mexico, and as a consultant in Research, Health and Demography (INSAD). She has worked as an external consultant and analyst with other civil society organizations and foundations. She has participated in research teams on labor rights, migration, new technologies and systems theory. Among her publications are “Workers who do not exist. Strategies of resistance and emancipation” in the book Uncertainty and strategies of meaning; Free and open software: communities and networks of digital production of common goods, and “Cross-border networks: the production and exchange of free and open software”, in Communication, transmigration and emerging systems, among others.

Tania E Turner