Jeannette Pai-Espinosa



Justice and Joy National Collaborative

Jeannette has led the reinvention of this 140-year-old advocacy organization since 2007. In 2023, the DBA name change to Justice and Joy National Collaborative marked the final stages of its transition to an intergenerational gender and racial justice advocacy and organizing nonprofit with partners in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Her commitment to advocating for issues of importance to girls and gender expansive young people of color began as a young activist in the 70’s. This is where her firm belief in the “nothing about us without us” practice and a dedication to following the leadership of those most impacted by all forms of oppression and the intersections of them was born. Her prior experience includes being a partner in a social change consulting agency; working in human and civil rights at the city, county and state levels; founding a nonprofit education program for middle and high school students; and holding leadership roles in public and private four-year universities. Jeannette holds a master’s degree of education in student development theory, counseling and administration. She and her husband are the parents of four “grown” children ages 39–45.