Andreanna Mond


Program Officer | RPCV and AmeriCorps Alum

Women of Color Advancing Peace

Andreanna Mond views intercultural intelligence and exchange as vital pathways to peace. She firmly believes that as people engage with a diversity of cultures and perspectives, they gain an understanding of and a respect for the history and lived experiences of different people groups, it creates an openness that leads to constructive dialogue and potentially peaceful coexistence (she also realizes that she is a dreamer). For this reason, she has applied herself to contributing to different local and international opportunities, such as serving with both Peace Corps and AmeriCorps as a volunteer; serving as the Y20 US Delegate to the priority area of Global Citizenship and with the G20+6 MUN as the Saudi Arabia delegate; is a member of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy; and a content contributor to Al Fusaic

Much of her understanding comes from her educational base of an undergraduate degree in History and a Master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution where she combines her knowledge of historical facts and relationships with framing how conflicts become intractable and why trauma healing, restorative justice, and contextual understanding are integral to moving forward. She currently works with the Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation, where she focuses on assisting with programming that elevates the voices of marginalized communities across the breadth of international relations.